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We’ve been doing this for 35 years, but damn, you never know what we’ll do next.

Like any company, we started small in San Diego in 1978. Then, we got really good at what we do. We listened to our clients. We collaborated. We customized. We created a culture of respect, responsiveness, and, above all, creativity. Today, 360 Destination Group is the leading full-service destination management company in the nation built on our  “Three Ps”: Passionate, Personalized, Progressive. Work hard, play hard – it’s what we live, eat, and breathe. Here are the partners who lead us on that charge in all of our major destinations across the country, from California and Arizona, to Texas, Chicago, and Florida.

Our Partners

Aka the cogs that make our well-oiled machine hum.

Trevor Hanks Thumbnail
Trevor Hanks

Trevor Hanks

Orange County, Los Angeles, Chicago and Texas
Trevor has been in the DMC industry since age 10.

Born into the business as son of the founders of an award-winning DMC, TMM (The Meeting Manager), Trevor grew up packing coolers and delivering props. After working as a trip director for several years, he returned in 1996 to run and expand TMM leading to the merger of TMM and Destination PROS in 2012 into 360 Destination Group. An avid surfer, turbo father of two teenage girls, and stickler when it comes to how an old-fashioned is made, he loves to be active in several industry organizations, including FICP, SITE, and ADME, as well as several hospitality industry Advisory Boards.

O 949-348-1900

M 949-279-6560

E trevor.hanks@360dg.com

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Shelly Archer

Shelly Archer

Orange County, Los Angeles, Chicago and Texas
Shelly makes Magellan look like a home body.

An Orange County native, she began her hospitality career with a five-star cruise ship line, circumnavigating the globe several times and stepping foot on almost every continent by the age of 30. Today, Shelly has more than 20 years in the service-oriented travel industry under her belt. Combine that with additional experience at a local incentive company and a destination management company, and she had the perfect background for owning a top-notch DMC in Southern California. 

O 949-348-1900

M 714-476-6488

E shelly.archer@360dg.com

Pete Samulewicz  Thumbnail
Pete Samulewicz

Pete Samulewicz

San Diego, Palm Springs and Arizona
For Pete, the magic happens over a shared experience.

A Southern California native, he studied psychology in Long Beach at Marymount College and Cal State, developing an interest in how he could help people grow by creating an ideal working environment. Twenty-plus years in the travel industry later, it paved the way for Pete to start his own DMC, where he found he had a knack for creating shared experiences that bring people together – a quality that would eventually bring him to 360 Destination Group. 

O 619-814-3600

M 619-838-4317

E pete.samulewicz@360dg.com

Joe Fijol  Thumbnail
Joe Fijol

Joe Fijol

Powered by passion and good coffee, Joe brings the highest level of experience and energy to every event.

With more than 20 years in the industry, Joe experienced planning from the incentive, cruise, resort, and DMC perspectives prior to opening 360's Florida offices. This broad range of experience, combined with his well-established relationships in the Florida market, ensure clients receive the highest level of expert service. Joe and his 360 Florida team cover all five markets in the state, as well as unique and lesser-known locations, like Amelia Island. His penchant for organization and hyperawareness of every little detail (combined with his abundant energy) make working with Joe an experience you won't soon forget. 

O 954-271-3050

M 407-256-2540

E joe.fijol@360dg.com

Sharon Purewal Thumbnail
Sharon Purewal

Sharon Purewal

Northern California
Anticipating needs and exceeding expectations is Sharon's M.O.

Sharon believes that you're only as good as your last program, which means she’s always bringing a little surprise or something extra to surpass client expectations. The same could be said for herself – born in India at a hill station in the Himalayas, she has built a well-rounded career that includes hotel convention services, trade show and marketing for a high-tech company, and a long tenure in DMC sales and operations.

O 415-946-5777

M 415-699-0469

E sharon.purewal@360dg.com

Sean Kirkland Thumbnail
Sean Kirkland

Sean Kirkland

Global Business Development
Sean will go to the ends of the Earth to make a program just right.

No, Sean isn't proposing you host your program in Antarctica, the Amazon, or the Arctic – but after visiting them all, he could. He came to 360 Destination Group with more than 10 years of industry experience and a deep understanding of client objectives, budgets, and event management. He has won numerous accolades by managing high-profile events for several Fortune 500 companies, including Proctor & Gamble, Deloitte, Nokia, and Toyota – all while raising two very active children, ages 4 and 6.

O 619-814-3600

M 619-814-3614

E sean.kirkland@360dg.com

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